MLB Roadtrip Yankees Stadium - porch&table

things I learnt in NYC on my Baseball Roadtrip (and an announcement)

MLB Roadtrip Yankees Stadium - porch&table

Let’s take a bit of a break from the food, and focus on some other important things in life like a baseball roadtrip. Kevin and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary at the end of June, and we wanted to do a fun trip for the both of us.

As a pitcher, Kevin loves going to baseball games, and I’ve been following baseball since I can remember. In fact, my parents used to take me out of elementary school just so that I could go to opening day for the Ottawa Lynx (I know, right?!) It was kinda a no-brainer to do this, and sure enough, there’s a website to help you coordinate your baseball roadtrip itinerary, obviously.

Off we went with our first stop in NYC, a first to the city for me. Yankees stadium athmosphere was unreal. We got tickets through Ticket Liquidator for all our games throughout the baseball roadtrip, and didn’t pay over 30$ for any of them. Side note: the bleachers in the outfield don’t have backrests, which we didn’t know when we got the tickets, and it got long after a 3.5 hour game… 

On our first full day there, we took advantage of some of the free things you can do in NYC, and there’s lots of them. We hopped on the Staten Island Ferry which basically takes you on a 20 minute ferry ride from Manhattan to Staten Island and takes you right in front of the Statue of Liberty. We walked through Times Square, and through all of Central Park, a 4.5km walk (or 2.8 miles). 

Central Park was incredible. The idea that there’s this vast park, with dozens of softball/baseball fields, a giant pond, and even a zoo in the middle of NYC is mind boggling. As you walk in that direction, you wonder how the tall buildings will just disappear and fade into a park. But it does! 

At the end of our walk through the park, we sat on a grassy hill to take a break before making our way to Yankees Stadium, and hung out a bit. I bet Kevin that if I found a four-leaf clover, he would have to marry me. Let me just remind everyone the estimated statistical odds of finding a four-leaf clover is 10,000 to 1, so a fairly safe bet.

Low and behold, about 20 minutes into the search, when I had practically given up was this four-leaf clover. I was so proud of myself! Mid-selfie with my newfound four-leaf clover, Kevin rolled onto one knee (on a hill I might add) and proposed to me in Central Park on June 30th. Though I thought it might happen, I still had tears of joy and it felt surreal. 


So now, we plan. We’ve got less than a year til our 10 year anniversary, and that’s the day we’ve picked for our wedding! Stay tuned for as I hopefully don’t pull out my hairs, and try to be a bridechilla, rather than a bridezilla.



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